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Help more children like Nathan improves their lives

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"I can't put into words what Miracles in Motion has meant to me or my family. I don't know where we would be without them honestly. I don't think my son would be anywhere near where he is now if we had never put him on a horse. He is 8 now, he can interact with his peers, he is academically keeping up with his peers, he has some social issues and some physical strength issues that we are still working on, but no other therapy we do compares to the strides he had made in his abilities each spring/summer/fall. If any entity deserves help with resources, it is 100% Miracles in Motion. They have the best staff and the best volunteers and the best horses I've ever met!!! (see that's 3 bests, and Nathan says if something is in a group of 3 its meant to be!)" Nathan's mom, Jessica