Help us make better assessments of students' capabilities

The Equicizer can help with assessments and practice "rides"!

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$3,445 goal

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Equicizer improves the assessment and experience for therapeutic riding students

Before a student ever gets on a horse, we need to do an assessment of ability and appropriate tack to use for the sessions. Our instructors were introduced to the Equicizer at the PATH training this spring and visited another therapeutic riding program to see one in action on their return trip. It would be a major upgrade from the barrel that we current use - and much better for older students. In addition, therapeutic riding centers that use the Equicizer report that it has additional benefits beyond assessment. For instance, "a very autistic rider who is just starting was put on him (the Equicizer) and reacted outstandingly—she stayed on him for about half an hour while her classmates were on live mounts."Another center reports: "Tonight, we had each student practice mounting and dismounting, then sit on the Equicizer to stretch out, then experience the movement while one of our volunteers created the movement. We then had each try to create and sustain the movement themselves. It was so interesting to see how natural the rhythmic movement was for some students—and how difficult for others."

The total cost of the Equicizer including shipping is $3,445. Any help you can give will be very much appreciated!

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