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Adopt a Miracles Horse

Get to know one of our gentle therapy horses on a personal basis!


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Sunny (and his herd mates) at Miracles are up for adoption! For an annual commitment of $100/month, you can develop your own special relationship with one of our very friendly therapy horses. Through quarterly grooming visits and a professional photo session, you can learn more about horses and support our program in a unique way.

Horses currently adopted: Aussie - Jenny & Mark Wulfhorst; Blaze - the Deisbeck family; Diamond - Joann & Fred Zehr; Shadow - Dawn Oliver Wiand and Jerry Wiand; Jet - Tracy Kolosik; Memphis - Tina Koepnick and Justina Dunlap; Don Pecos - Diana Harris and Melanie Alberts; Max - Michel Pontarelli; Mr. Sea - Karla Miller & Jean Bott; Little Guy - Joe Petta and Chris Petta; Jake - Mike Coconate and Nancy Fisher; Lucky - Megan Conrad and Michel Pontarelli; Brett - Pam Purington; Bubba - Kristin and Cary Beatty; Flash - Tracy Kolosik and Nancy Fisher.