Our horses love the holidays! image

Our horses love the holidays!

Especially when it means extra treats

$25 raised

$5,000 goal

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If you would like to do something special for Miracles around the holidays - consider items on our wish list: gift cards (Solon Feed Mill, Tractor Supply, Mendards, Fleet Farm); student scholarships ($250 covers 5 sessions); horse treats or weekly carrot supply - the horses vote for this one!; fly masks for both mini and horse-sized; dressage saddle pads or class supplies - glitter, sidewalk chalk, artificial flowers/bunches. If you want to gift a horse-lover something special, consider sponsoring one of our horses through the adopt a horse program: Cinco, Raven, Brett and Lucky are currently up for adoption. Let us know if you comments where you would like your donation to go - or email or call the Miracles office: miraclesinmotion@gmail.com 319-857-4141