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We will miss Jasper so much

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My favorite Jasper story

She was almost 3, he was 30 plus, and their first ride at Miracles had the team enchanted.

It seemed fitting that a Hippotherapy student who had never been on a horse before, would be riding Jasper, our oldest therapy horse for their session. We needed to use bolsters to hep her sit upright on the horse and our smallest helmet seemed large on her. She was quiet through the first half of the session – I didn’t know if she doesn’t talk or was just in awe of the situation. But then Jasper snorted. There was a bit of a giggle. Then he kept snorting and snorting; the giggle turned to a full, melodic laugh, so contagious that all the team were laughing with her. To me it was the sound of pure joy. Just one more reason I’ll miss Jasper and how glad I am to have Miracles in my life.

Lois James